Wellness Lover. Jesus Lover. Foodie.


Hi, I’m Jasmine!

I’m a veteran army wife, SAHM, wellness entrepreneur, writer and foodie. Most days you can find me spending time with family, homeschooling, cooking, walking in nature or browsing through the grocery store. (I love the grocery store, I go there for fun.) My passion is to encourage women to begin their own journey of healing their mind, body, and spirit. I hope to do that through everything that I write and create.

My Story

After over a decade of living with depression, I was introduced to the world of natural health through a local chiropractor. During my first visit, I learned how my symptoms were directly connected to the alignment of my spine. I began getting adjusted immediately and my symptoms began to go away within two weeks of care.

Through my chiropractor and personal research, I began learning about the positive effects of nutrition, exercise, prayer/meditation, and personal discovery had on mental health. Applying all the new principles to my life, I was finally able to experience a life without depression. Through prayer and more research, I then combined all my experiences, research and knowledge and created the Get Real with Depression Plan.

My prayer is that I’m able to encourage women to the begin a life of mental wellness they passionately desire. I hope that you find it whether it be here or another place.


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