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Hi, I’m Jasmine


I’m a SAHM, veteran army wife, women’s integrative wellness coach and veggie lover. Most days you can find me spending time with family, homeschooling, cooking, walking in nature or browsing through the grocery store. My passion is to help women (like you) heal mentally, spiritually and physically from depression.


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The Surprising Link Between Women, Depression, and Chiropractic Care

The Surprising Link Between Women, Depression, and Chiropractic Care

It’s been estimated by WHO that depression is going to be the leading cause of disability in the world this year [Reddy, 2010]. Many people are suffering from the symptoms of depression and looking for ways to help ease their symptoms. Women are affected more than men...

Chewy Almond Cookies

Chewy Almond Cookies

I’ve been indulging in sweet treats a lot lately. But I’ve have been focused recently on finding treats that have ingredients that are low in white, processed sugar and gluten free. Since my family loves to have a sweet treat in the evening after dinner, I had to...

Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet

Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet

I'm usually not a traditional breakfast person. I would rather have what most consider lunch for breakfast most days. While I will fix my family pancakes and sausage, you can find me with a bowl of broccoli most mornings. I have my days when I DO enjoy my pancakes and...