Get Real with Depression Sessions

Get Real sessions are two-hour sessions for women with depression to learn the steps that I believe are the keys to overcoming depression. In a small group setting, women will take part in short exercises to show them how to:

Realize Where They Are

Encourage Themselves

Adjust Areas in Their Lives

Live Out Their Purpose

At the end of the session, women will haven gotten REAL with depression.

Women will learn steps to take through natural health, prayer, and discovering their purpose to help them through the tough time in their lives.

During each step of getting real, women will participate in exercises that will aid them in beginning the process to live a life without depression. They’ll also receive gift bags, a copy of my memoir, and refreshments included each session.

Sessions are available starting March 2018

If you would like to host a Get Real Session at your location, fill out the contact form below. I would be happy to be a part of your next event!