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How Starting a Garden Can Help Fight Depression | Jasmine L Bennett, LLC.

A New Revolution Is Here

There’s a farming revolution going on across the country and parts of the world, have you noticed? Weather-proof green houses have been popping up everywhere from New York to Kentucky to Las Vegas. There’s even been a huge greenhouse that’s been successful for over 20 years in the middle of the desert in Dubai.

With all the new agricultural innovation going on it may have gotten you thinking about starting your own patch this year in your apartment or backyard. Maybe this is the year to start planting. After all, those companies may be on to something.

Health coach Maria Marlowe had a great conversation about gardening with the farmer of that greenhouse in Dubai. She also gave me some great tips to share with you on how gardening can improve your mental health.

So, maybe THIS is the year to finally start planting. After all, those companies may be on to something. Creating your own small garden may be more than just a current wellness trend, it may help you fight depression. 


Bending and stooping are forms of exercise. Digging up dirt and planting flowers and plants can be quite a bit of work. Doing it for a couple of hours can turn into a workout! If you have ever done yard work, you know how exhausting it can be.

Exercise is a great stress reliever which makes it great for your mental health. Starting a garden could be a great way to get your body moving.


Gut Health

If you didn’t know already, humans were made from dirt (Genesis 2:7). That dirt contained millions (and maybe even billions) of bacteria that still live in our bodies today! Our bodies are made of bacteria. We need a balance of good bacteria for our bodies to function properly and to maintain good brain health.

The gut-brain connection is REAL!  Maria says, “Getting your hands in the dirt is great for increasing the biodiversity of your microbiome.” Gardening can definitely be a way to get more of the good bacteria that we need.


Creating Something & Watching it Grow

Have you ever worked hard on a really big project for school, work or church? If you have, then you know the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally finish. You gain a sense of fulfillment and gratitude that you’ve created something awesome.

Starting a garden can give you those same feelings. Creating a garden, whether a small patch or a sizable greenhouse, is a great accomplishment. Especially when you create something that you can actually eat!

You could even get the kids excited about eating their veggies again! Maria says that, “Creating a garden could encourage little ones to be more interested in eating colorful produce.” 


Joy and Peace

We’re all looking to add a little more peace and joy to our lives. When we find things to add calm to fight the daily chaos we encounter daily, we nurture them. Having a garden can give you that peace we’re all looking for.

Maria says, “Simply having a beautiful and fragrant flower or vegetable garden is sure to bring serenity to your outdoor space.”

Creating a space to enjoy God’s beautiful colors, plants and flowers can bring your home or neighborhood the joy it’s been needing.

Read more about Maria here

Have you been inspired to start your own garden? Let me know in the comments!

Treatment of depression and mental health symptoms are unique to everyone. Your mental and personal health needs may not be the same as some else’s. Talk with your provider about the option or combination of care that’s best for you.

And if you or someone you know battles with depression, know that you are not alone. There are treatment options, support communities and resources available for you or your loved one.

If you or someone you know are in an immediate crisis, get help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or visit The International Association for Suicide Prevention to be connected to a trained counselor at a crisis center nearby.

Hi I’m Jasmine!

I’m so happy to meet you! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I’m a SAHM, veteran army wife, women’s integrative wellness coach, writer and veggie lover. Most days you can find me spending time with family, homeschooling, cooking, walking in nature or browsing through the grocery storeMy passion is to help women (like you) heal mentally, spiritually and physically from depression. That’s why I created this amazing mental health journal to guide you to recovery.

Don’t leave yet! Let’s hang out a little longer 🙂 Read more about me and my personal recovery story here.

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