Get Real with Depression Journal



A 17-week mental wellness journal for women with depression. Inside there are guided mental wellness exercises, a prayer guide, journaling spaces, exercise info, recipes, and words of encouragement throughout.

This journal was created for women desiring a holistic mental health resource on their mental wellness journey as they recover from depression. It’s great for personal use or group study.

This journal could be used in group therapy sessions at your clinic if you are a therapist or psychologist. It would also be a great resource to give your patients if you are a chiropractor or functional medicine doctor.

If you are a part of a local women’s ministry or church, it could be used in your women’s small group or mental health group.

If you are struggling with depression, this journal can be used as a self-guided resource to use along with therapy and/or life coaching.


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More About the GRWD Journal

Journey through the 4 phases of getting REAL with depression, while being encouraged, learning more about God, nutrition and yourself along the way.


Realize Where You Are

Begin to understand your mental hurdles and what’s really going on with you. Get to know your personality, what makes you tick, and examine your current circumstances to see how they’re affecting you right now. Also start talking to God so you can get to know Him more.

Encourage Yourself

Find all the negativity in your life through books, friends, social media, music, TV (yes Netflix) and let it go. Start removing the things that are contributing to your mental struggles and begin surrounding yourself with truth. Find your favorite verses and write them on your heart.

Adjust Areas of Your Life

Start learning about ways you want to improve your physical wellness. Begin finding vegetables you like to eat and movements (exercises) you enjoy. Also get connected with a community, discover habits you want to try and continue getting closer to God.

Live Out Your Purpose

Discover why you were created by finding out what you’re passionate about. Set goals in your personal life and career to live out your God-given purpose.

Begin or continue your mental wellness journey with this encouraging weekly journal!


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