Learn about mental wellness, build your faith, and hear a personal recovery story.


My passion is to help women on their personal wellness journeys by encouraging them to live a life full of love, purpose, joy, God and wellness. I believe we were all created to live a life of total wellness and live out our God-given purpose, which includes addressing our mental health.

As a published author, I’ve had experience sharing my personal experience with depression through my own mental wellness journey. Gaining knowledge through years of research and my personal recovery experience, I created the Get Real with Depression wellness plan that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, chiropractic care, nutrition, prayer/meditation and personal discovery. I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with women from all walks of life.

Speaking Topics Include:

How I recovered from depression holistically

How faith and mental health connect

The role of food + exercise in mental wellness

How chiropractic care helps heal the brain + body

How to maintain your mental wellness as a mom


I’m also willing to speak on other topics related to women’s mental health, wellness, and faith.

Contact me directly for all collaboration requests and media kit requests at jasmine@jasminelbennett.com.